if you’re frustrated and want more love and better relationships in your life, the 188金宝搏app亚洲登录 will help you to awaken to possibilities you never dreamed of having.

as you listen to each episode, we'll serve as your guides so you see how to put all your relationship struggles behind you. with your new insights, you’ll start seeing new ways to show up that brings more love and fresh, new possibilities into all your relationships and life. this world could use more love and it starts with each one of us! all our love, susie and otto



ep60: finding your resilience when life gets hard

when life knocks you down, it can be difficult finding your way up. here’s how to find the resilience that’s always inside you when you can’t feel it or see it and begin re-creating your life…

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ep59: resolving a relationship control drama

the battle for relationship control hurts, damages and destroys far too many relationships. here’s how to resolve those conflicts for greater connection and deeper understanding…

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ep58: how to know if your relationship is worth saving

everyone has relationship challenges from time to time and sometimes they become so big  you wonder “is this worth saving?” to help you get clarity, listen to this podcast…

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ep57: how to deal with anger (yours or someone else’s)

we all get angry. the question is, how do you deal with yours or someone else’s when it comes up? listen here to understand more about anger and how to navigate through it…

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ep56: the blessings of failed relationships

what if your failed relationships weren’t really failures at all and were actually blessings in disguise or gifts for you that could last a lifetime? listen to this podcast and find out how this could be true…

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ep55: how to decide what’s a yes and what’s a no

sometimes it’s hard to decide what’s a yes and what’s a no when you’re faced with a choice that seems difficult. whether big or small decisions, here’s how to know if it’s a yes or it’s a no…

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ep54: how to be a mind reader in relationships

here’s a sure fire way to be a mind reader in relationships, eliminate misunderstandings and assumptions, improving communication with the people you love…

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ep53: guilt trips, manipulation and expectations in relationships

guilt trips, manipulation and expectations can complicate and ruin any relationship. here’s how to avoid those traps and experience more love for yourself and for others.

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ep52: why our commitments fall flat

in this episode, we’re diving into why some of our commitments fall flat and fizzle out–and others don’t. here’s how to make commitments that you truly want to make and stick to them…

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ep51: are you asking the wrong questions?

what if the questions about your relationships and life are disempowering and creating more of what you don’t want instead of more of what you do want? listen here to find out more…

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ep50: how love (and your relationships) can be easy

what if love (and your relationships) didn’t have to be so hard and could actually be easy? in this episode, we explain how love can be easy or at least easier than you ever thought possible…

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ep49: how gratitude creates miracles in love and life

if you want to know how a simple thing like gratitude can change your life for the better instantly, listen to this episode now and discover how much easier love can be for you in your life.

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