have happier relationships in 2017…

will you have more love, more passion and more connection with a spouse, partner or lover this coming year than the last one?

if so, what has to change?

hi, it’s susie and otto wishing you a happy new year and here’s our commitment for 2017…

we’re going to do everything we can to help you have happier relationships in the coming year.

because most of us choose to look at where we’ve been and where we want to go around this time…

it’s a great time to start consciously choosing if you want happier relationships (especially your love relationship) or not and how you want your relationships to evolve.

if you’re currently not with a partner but want to be, how are you going to open for more love to come into your life?

we have a friend who lost her partner 2 years ago in a terrible accident and is just now opening to being with a guy who is new to our area. they met at a contra dancing event in our town and are just taking their relationship slowly and day by day.

if you’re happy with a partner, how are the two of you going to deepen your love this year?

every year at this time, the two of us talk about how we want our relationship to evolve and grow.  we make sure that we build into our day time for intimacy and sharing and we talk about how we’re going to make that happen no matter how our schedules change.

if you’re with a partner but you’re in “love limbo,” how are you going to move toward more of the love you want?

“love limbo” is the place where you can’t decide whether  the person you’re with is the one for you–or is still the one–or not.

maybe you’re in a new relationship or maybe you’ve been together for many years and you hoped you could just make it until the holidays were over and then figure out what to do about your lifeless or loveless relationship.

if this is you–we’ve been there earlier in our lives and…

“love limbo” is one of the worst places to be.

we know how awful it can be to live in the uncertainty of whether you’re in the right relationship or not or whether you should stay together or not.

it’s so important that you decide now rather than later because love never happens without openness and willingness.


if you’re in “love limbo,” you’re in this place of non-commitment.

you’re not committed to your current partner and you’re not committed to leaving.

there’s no judgment here about what you should or shouldn’t do.. but…

please don’t stay stuck in “love limbo.”

you’ll never have the love, passion and connection you want in 2017 and beyond until you choose and you’re all in one way or the other.

use this to get out of “love limbo”

wishing you a happy new year and blessings in all ways,

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